#100daysofmakeup – Week 1

So I started to do this 100 days of makeup challenge created by mykie (Glam&Gore in youtube). You are supposed to do 100 different makeup looks in 100 days, pretty simple. Here are the looks from days 1-71dayBlue “liner”@sugarpill Velocity & Aftetparty eyeshadows
Yellow inner corner @sugarpill buttercupcake                                                     Gold&Brown @urbandecaycosmetics Naked2: half baked & tease

2day👉@maccosmetics Cranberry eyeshadow
👉@maccosmetics #48 lashes
👉@maccosmetics VivaGlam Rihanna2 lipstick + Stone lipliner

3day👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline blacktrack
👉 @maccosmetics Diva lipstick
👉 @maccosmetics #34 lashes

4day👉 @maccosmetics “Melon” pigment & “Carbon” eyeshadow
@urbandecaycosmetics “Tease” eyeshadow                                                                  👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline “Blacktrack” & #48 lashes
👉 @maccosmetics “Creme cup” lipstick

5day👉 @maccosmetics old gold pigment (wet&dry)
👉 @maccosmetics “oyester” & “plumage” eyeshadow
👉 @maccosmetics “Blacktrack” fluidline & #34 lashes

6day👉 @maccosmetics “Tan” loose pigment (wet&dry) thanks to @sarakalimamakeup for the tip💕
👉BenNye cosmetics matte brown eyeshadows
👉@maccosmetics “creme cup” & “myth” lipstick (#48 lashes)

7day@maccosmetics “candy yum yum” lipstick & #34 lashes

The “I gotta do my face fast and get to work” days are pretty boring but otherwise I think I’ve done good so far !


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