Rogue by Tiina Ulkuniemi

I’ve had the pleasure to work with this amazing designer Tiina Ulkuniemi once again in 2 different photoshoots. Both kinda spontanious and rapid which makes these photos my favourite things in the world right now.

The clothes were a little bit inspired by flapper girls outfits in the ’20s. That’s why I named this photoshoot by it. Photos & MakeUp are by me. Models are DidiOu & the designer herself Tiina Ulkuniemi

The other photoshoot started out from the huge tulledress. Then it kinda evolved to a full size clothing line. This time the theme was more wedding inspired with crazy makeup looks. Again pohotos & makeup by me. Models were: DidiOu, Tiina Ulkuniemi, Jenni & Disa . Such a gorgeous bunch of girls.

I love doing more fantasy type of clothing photoshoots. I can go all out and express myself as an artist and help others to do that at the same time. The “black tulledress” photoshoot has been a dream of mine for a long time, it’s a shame our weather here in Finland was cold as fudge that day……But I think we got some awesome photos!

I love my job.

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DidiOu facebook | DidiOu Blog & Instagram


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