Crazy days

We have this huge sale thing in Stockmann called Crazy Days. It lasted for 5 long days and people really did what was expected of them, went crazy.  I wanted to take part and went “crazy” with my makeup look. Yes I’ve overdrawn my lips and kinda underlined my eyebrows, a “trick” I learnd from Dominique from Batalash. I used the crazy day’s theme colors, black & yellow (insert Wiz Khalifa song here) and long ass eyelashes.  We also took a picture with the mascot ! The cutest ghost ever.

Finally, the madness is over and it is time to go back to normal life.


4 thoughts on “Crazy days

  1. Heippa! Haluisin kysyä sun mielipidettä real techniques siveltimiin? Onko sulla kokemuksia/mielipiteitä niistä? 🙂


    1. En oo päivittäny sinne ties kuinka moneen kuukauteen ja ensimmäinen blogipostaus taitaa olla että oon vaihtanu blogini tähän? Joten en.


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