Rogue by Tiina Ulkuniemi

I’ve had the pleasure to work with this amazing designer Tiina Ulkuniemi once again in 2 different photoshoots. Both kinda spontanious and rapid which makes these photos my favourite things in the world right now.

The clothes were a little bit inspired by flapper girls outfits in the ’20s. That’s why I named this photoshoot by it. Photos & MakeUp are by me. Models are DidiOu & the designer herself Tiina Ulkuniemi

The other photoshoot started out from the huge tulledress. Then it kinda evolved to a full size clothing line. This time the theme was more wedding inspired with crazy makeup looks. Again pohotos & makeup by me. Models were: DidiOu, Tiina Ulkuniemi, Jenni & Disa . Such a gorgeous bunch of girls.

I love doing more fantasy type of clothing photoshoots. I can go all out and express myself as an artist and help others to do that at the same time. The “black tulledress” photoshoot has been a dream of mine for a long time, it’s a shame our weather here in Finland was cold as fudge that day……But I think we got some awesome photos!

I love my job.

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Winter Wonderland version 2015

I have this thing about winter. It makes me do different kind of ice inspired makeups every freaking year. I don’t eaven like cold but something about it is so beautiful. And Tii has almost always been my model in them. We kinda joked about how this is my version of Elsa from Frozen.

jää1pienempi I do have a tutorial coming up from this look! But for now you are stuck with the pictures.

jää4pienempi jää6pienempi jää2(3) pienempi jää5pienempi jää3 pienempiOh and here’s a little collab about my progress in these “annual” winter wonderlan photolooks 😀 oh god.



I’ve lost my creativity and I want it back so badly. So this came out:

my logo

Pumpkin = Love towards halloween and the makeup stuff involved in it

Owls = Obsession

So from this moment this shall be my logo. Badass, I know.