Crazy days

We have this huge sale thing in Stockmann called Crazy Days. It lasted for 5 long days and people really did what was expected of them, went crazy.  I wanted to take part and went “crazy” with my makeup look. Yes I’ve overdrawn my lips and kinda underlined my eyebrows, a “trick” I learnd from Dominique from Batalash. I used the crazy day’s theme colors, black & yellow (insert Wiz Khalifa song here) and long ass eyelashes.  We also took a picture with the mascot ! The cutest ghost ever.

Finally, the madness is over and it is time to go back to normal life.


#100daysofmakeup – Week 3

Okay so week 3 means we are in the days 16-22 . God I got so many days left : D The struggle is real, but I got trough it. This week was slow as fudge because I didn’t get to do looks for this challenge as often as I wanted.

IMG_3588I tried to make a rounded eyemakeup with a cut crease. Failed. But I’ll put some practice in it the next time! I know I can do it. I did get lots of compliments which was overwhelming and made me feel a little bit better 😀

👉 @urbandecaycosmetics Naked 2 : Tease & Bootycall
👉 @maccosmetics Sketch & Carbon
👉 @maccosmetics blacktrack fluidline
👉 @maccosmetics Creme cup

2015-02-02 12.55.41This makeup was kinda…not so fun. I tried to do something different and it ended up looking like I was sick. But oh well you live and learn.

👉 @urbandecaycosmetics Naked2: YDK & Busted
👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline "waveline" (liner)
👉 @maccosmetics Paintpot "taylor gray" (lips & brows)
2015-02-03 11.38.21DSC00334
After that failure I wanted to do something that I love. A bold liner. 
I also decided to add orange red lipstick at work to make it
👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline "blacktrack"
👉 @maccosmetics Lady Danger lipstick & High Energy lipliner
2015-02-10 23.31.08
I was so inspired from the movie Jupiter Ascending I had to try and do the 
wedding makeup! So here's my version from it. 
I hate how the red doesn't show so well in  these pictures..
@maccosmetics strike while haute & cranberry eyeshadows
@makeupgeekcosmetics gold digger
@maccosmetics mineralize lipstick, good taste
@maccosmetics #34 lashes

2015-02-01 15.57.45This was a collaboration look with Finnish beauty youtubers. The theme was Disney Charecters and I chose Pegasos from Herkules, my favorite movie ever.

👉 @sugarpill aftermath, velocity & tako eyeshadow
👉 @sugarpill goldielux loose pigment
👉 @limecrimemakeup no she didn't lipstick
2015-02-18 11.22.56Again a boring liner kinda day, but I really wanted to test out this 
brown lipstick. My co-worker had this one day and it looked awesome on her! 
Had to buy it after my shift. 
👉 @maccosmetics "Film Noir" lipstick & Bold liner!
2015-02-19 17.02.41I had no time to do my makeup at home this morning. I wanted to do
something quick but bold .
Ended up loving this soooooooooooooo much!
👉 @maccosmetics "Macroviolet" Fluidline as a base
👉 @maccosmetics "Cinderfella" Mineralize eyeshadow & Fix+
👉@maccosmetics "Angelic" Pressed Pigment in the inner corners
👉 @maccosmetics #35 lashes
👉 @maccosmetics "Pure Pout" Mineralize Lipstick

#100daysofmakeup – Week 2

Yay for the second week! Kinda running out of ideas,need to get more creative! This week was a littlebit more colorful for some reason. Here are the days from 8-14:

2015-01-22 11.15.25👉 @sugarpill “buttercupcake” & “flamepoint”
👉 @urbandecaycosmetics “tease”
👉 @maccosmetics lashes #48

I kinda switched the idea of my makeup in the middle so the crease color is a bit messed up..buuut had to run so just ignore that : D

2015-01-23 10.32.08👉 @sugarpill “Love+” eyeshadow
👉 @maccosmetics ” Rose” loose pigment & “Blacktrack” Fluidline

10dayThis is such a bad picture, but I really didn’t have time to photograph it at all…

👉 @maccosmetics “copper sparkle” loose pigment
👉 @urbandecaycosmetics Naked2 random darker eyeshadows

8day👉 @sugarpill eyeshadows mixed                                                                                      👉 @maccosmetics Heroine lipstick
👉 @maccosmetics Technakohl “smoothblue” eyeliner kajal
👉 @maccosmetics “funtabulous” dazzleglass

9dayI was soooooooooo tired this day. And I have been wanting to try some  neutral makeup look for a quite some time, so thought I’d give it a go.

👉 @maccosmetics prolongwear concealer NC15 (as a foundation)
👉 @maccosmetics skinfinish natural, light powder
👉 @maccosmetics mineralize skinfinish, give me sun (as a bronzer)
👉 @maccosmetics faux lipstick
👉 freckles made with browpens and eyeshadow

IMG_3514I filmed 2 looks from the beginning of the week so I had no energy to do 3rd looks that was completly different…that’s why you got only the lips : D

👉@limecrimemakeup Velvetines “Cashmere” lipcreme

IMG_3557I fell in love with these pictures! So I made new avatars out of them for my finnish and english youtube channel. Otherwise there’s nothing creative in it..

👉 @maccosmetics sketch & carbon eyeshadow
👉 @maccosmetics rose & heritage rouge loose pigment
👉 @naturalcode candysmile gloss stick, 6 cherry pop

If you wanna see my looks in real time, I post them on my instagram MUA-Maano ! Thank you for the comment in my last #100daysofmakeup post. I really didn’t expect that ❤

#100daysofmakeup – Week 1

So I started to do this 100 days of makeup challenge created by mykie (Glam&Gore in youtube). You are supposed to do 100 different makeup looks in 100 days, pretty simple. Here are the looks from days 1-71dayBlue “liner”@sugarpill Velocity & Aftetparty eyeshadows
Yellow inner corner @sugarpill buttercupcake                                                     Gold&Brown @urbandecaycosmetics Naked2: half baked & tease

2day👉@maccosmetics Cranberry eyeshadow
👉@maccosmetics #48 lashes
👉@maccosmetics VivaGlam Rihanna2 lipstick + Stone lipliner

3day👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline blacktrack
👉 @maccosmetics Diva lipstick
👉 @maccosmetics #34 lashes

4day👉 @maccosmetics “Melon” pigment & “Carbon” eyeshadow
@urbandecaycosmetics “Tease” eyeshadow                                                                  👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline “Blacktrack” & #48 lashes
👉 @maccosmetics “Creme cup” lipstick

5day👉 @maccosmetics old gold pigment (wet&dry)
👉 @maccosmetics “oyester” & “plumage” eyeshadow
👉 @maccosmetics “Blacktrack” fluidline & #34 lashes

6day👉 @maccosmetics “Tan” loose pigment (wet&dry) thanks to @sarakalimamakeup for the tip💕
👉BenNye cosmetics matte brown eyeshadows
👉@maccosmetics “creme cup” & “myth” lipstick (#48 lashes)

7day@maccosmetics “candy yum yum” lipstick & #34 lashes

The “I gotta do my face fast and get to work” days are pretty boring but otherwise I think I’ve done good so far !



So today my lovely cousin came to say hi and asked if I could do her makeup. So here is the result photo and the products I used:

Every product is from @maccosmetics !

– ProLongwear Paintpot, Clear Water
– Aquadisiac, Steamy & Contrast eyeshadows
– Sourpuss Technakohl Liner (eyes)
– Take the Plunge Technakohl Liner (eyebrows)

– Cool Jazz Technakohl Liner
– Beautiful Moves, Mineralize Glass

Bold Brows & Lips

My FOTD. Our local MAC counter doesn’t have the brow pomade, so I wanted to try this paintpot instead. I think it worked pretty well ! What do you think? It was weird not to have almost anything in your eyes. I was very tempted to add some eyelashes but that would’ve been “cheating”.


MAC Vino Lipliner + Cyber Lipstic

Eyebrows: MAC Taylor Gray Paintpot


MAC Cherry Lipliner all over the lips + Vino lipliner in the corners

MAC VivaGlam Rihanna  lipstick

3Photobomb attack by Mr J.

Old Gold

look look2My first look in 2015 ! Here’s the list of products:

MAC Old Gold pigment

MAC An Amorous Advenure quad: Brawn

MAC Superslick liquid eyeliner: Defiantly Feline

MAC Lashes #34

MAC Amplified lipstick: Up the Amp