Crazy days

We have this huge sale thing in Stockmann called Crazy Days. It lasted for 5 long days and people really did what was expected of them, went crazy.  I wanted to take part and went “crazy” with my makeup look. Yes I’ve overdrawn my lips and kinda underlined my eyebrows, a “trick” I learnd from Dominique from Batalash. I used the crazy day’s theme colors, black & yellow (insert Wiz Khalifa song here) and long ass eyelashes.  We also took a picture with the mascot ! The cutest ghost ever.

Finally, the madness is over and it is time to go back to normal life.


Rogue by Tiina Ulkuniemi

I’ve had the pleasure to work with this amazing designer Tiina Ulkuniemi once again in 2 different photoshoots. Both kinda spontanious and rapid which makes these photos my favourite things in the world right now.

The clothes were a little bit inspired by flapper girls outfits in the ’20s. That’s why I named this photoshoot by it. Photos & MakeUp are by me. Models are DidiOu & the designer herself Tiina Ulkuniemi

The other photoshoot started out from the huge tulledress. Then it kinda evolved to a full size clothing line. This time the theme was more wedding inspired with crazy makeup looks. Again pohotos & makeup by me. Models were: DidiOu, Tiina Ulkuniemi, Jenni & Disa . Such a gorgeous bunch of girls.

I love doing more fantasy type of clothing photoshoots. I can go all out and express myself as an artist and help others to do that at the same time. The “black tulledress” photoshoot has been a dream of mine for a long time, it’s a shame our weather here in Finland was cold as fudge that day……But I think we got some awesome photos!

I love my job.

Rogue facebook | Rogue Blog & Instagram |

DidiOu facebook | DidiOu Blog & Instagram

#100daysofmakeup – Week 3

Okay so week 3 means we are in the days 16-22 . God I got so many days left : D The struggle is real, but I got trough it. This week was slow as fudge because I didn’t get to do looks for this challenge as often as I wanted.

IMG_3588I tried to make a rounded eyemakeup with a cut crease. Failed. But I’ll put some practice in it the next time! I know I can do it. I did get lots of compliments which was overwhelming and made me feel a little bit better 😀

👉 @urbandecaycosmetics Naked 2 : Tease & Bootycall
👉 @maccosmetics Sketch & Carbon
👉 @maccosmetics blacktrack fluidline
👉 @maccosmetics Creme cup

2015-02-02 12.55.41This makeup was kinda…not so fun. I tried to do something different and it ended up looking like I was sick. But oh well you live and learn.

👉 @urbandecaycosmetics Naked2: YDK & Busted
👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline "waveline" (liner)
👉 @maccosmetics Paintpot "taylor gray" (lips & brows)
2015-02-03 11.38.21DSC00334
After that failure I wanted to do something that I love. A bold liner. 
I also decided to add orange red lipstick at work to make it
👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline "blacktrack"
👉 @maccosmetics Lady Danger lipstick & High Energy lipliner
2015-02-10 23.31.08
I was so inspired from the movie Jupiter Ascending I had to try and do the 
wedding makeup! So here's my version from it. 
I hate how the red doesn't show so well in  these pictures..
@maccosmetics strike while haute & cranberry eyeshadows
@makeupgeekcosmetics gold digger
@maccosmetics mineralize lipstick, good taste
@maccosmetics #34 lashes

2015-02-01 15.57.45This was a collaboration look with Finnish beauty youtubers. The theme was Disney Charecters and I chose Pegasos from Herkules, my favorite movie ever.

👉 @sugarpill aftermath, velocity & tako eyeshadow
👉 @sugarpill goldielux loose pigment
👉 @limecrimemakeup no she didn't lipstick
2015-02-18 11.22.56Again a boring liner kinda day, but I really wanted to test out this 
brown lipstick. My co-worker had this one day and it looked awesome on her! 
Had to buy it after my shift. 
👉 @maccosmetics "Film Noir" lipstick & Bold liner!
2015-02-19 17.02.41I had no time to do my makeup at home this morning. I wanted to do
something quick but bold .
Ended up loving this soooooooooooooo much!
👉 @maccosmetics "Macroviolet" Fluidline as a base
👉 @maccosmetics "Cinderfella" Mineralize eyeshadow & Fix+
👉@maccosmetics "Angelic" Pressed Pigment in the inner corners
👉 @maccosmetics #35 lashes
👉 @maccosmetics "Pure Pout" Mineralize Lipstick


#100daysofmakeup – Week 2

Yay for the second week! Kinda running out of ideas,need to get more creative! This week was a littlebit more colorful for some reason. Here are the days from 8-14:

2015-01-22 11.15.25👉 @sugarpill “buttercupcake” & “flamepoint”
👉 @urbandecaycosmetics “tease”
👉 @maccosmetics lashes #48

I kinda switched the idea of my makeup in the middle so the crease color is a bit messed up..buuut had to run so just ignore that : D

2015-01-23 10.32.08👉 @sugarpill “Love+” eyeshadow
👉 @maccosmetics ” Rose” loose pigment & “Blacktrack” Fluidline

10dayThis is such a bad picture, but I really didn’t have time to photograph it at all…

👉 @maccosmetics “copper sparkle” loose pigment
👉 @urbandecaycosmetics Naked2 random darker eyeshadows

8day👉 @sugarpill eyeshadows mixed                                                                                      👉 @maccosmetics Heroine lipstick
👉 @maccosmetics Technakohl “smoothblue” eyeliner kajal
👉 @maccosmetics “funtabulous” dazzleglass

9dayI was soooooooooo tired this day. And I have been wanting to try some  neutral makeup look for a quite some time, so thought I’d give it a go.

👉 @maccosmetics prolongwear concealer NC15 (as a foundation)
👉 @maccosmetics skinfinish natural, light powder
👉 @maccosmetics mineralize skinfinish, give me sun (as a bronzer)
👉 @maccosmetics faux lipstick
👉 freckles made with browpens and eyeshadow

IMG_3514I filmed 2 looks from the beginning of the week so I had no energy to do 3rd looks that was completly different…that’s why you got only the lips : D

👉@limecrimemakeup Velvetines “Cashmere” lipcreme

IMG_3557I fell in love with these pictures! So I made new avatars out of them for my finnish and english youtube channel. Otherwise there’s nothing creative in it..

👉 @maccosmetics sketch & carbon eyeshadow
👉 @maccosmetics rose & heritage rouge loose pigment
👉 @naturalcode candysmile gloss stick, 6 cherry pop

If you wanna see my looks in real time, I post them on my instagram MUA-Maano ! Thank you for the comment in my last #100daysofmakeup post. I really didn’t expect that ❤

#100daysofmakeup – Week 1

So I started to do this 100 days of makeup challenge created by mykie (Glam&Gore in youtube). You are supposed to do 100 different makeup looks in 100 days, pretty simple. Here are the looks from days 1-71dayBlue “liner”@sugarpill Velocity & Aftetparty eyeshadows
Yellow inner corner @sugarpill buttercupcake                                                     Gold&Brown @urbandecaycosmetics Naked2: half baked & tease

2day👉@maccosmetics Cranberry eyeshadow
👉@maccosmetics #48 lashes
👉@maccosmetics VivaGlam Rihanna2 lipstick + Stone lipliner

3day👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline blacktrack
👉 @maccosmetics Diva lipstick
👉 @maccosmetics #34 lashes

4day👉 @maccosmetics “Melon” pigment & “Carbon” eyeshadow
@urbandecaycosmetics “Tease” eyeshadow                                                                  👉 @maccosmetics Fluidline “Blacktrack” & #48 lashes
👉 @maccosmetics “Creme cup” lipstick

5day👉 @maccosmetics old gold pigment (wet&dry)
👉 @maccosmetics “oyester” & “plumage” eyeshadow
👉 @maccosmetics “Blacktrack” fluidline & #34 lashes

6day👉 @maccosmetics “Tan” loose pigment (wet&dry) thanks to @sarakalimamakeup for the tip💕
👉BenNye cosmetics matte brown eyeshadows
👉@maccosmetics “creme cup” & “myth” lipstick (#48 lashes)

7day@maccosmetics “candy yum yum” lipstick & #34 lashes

The “I gotta do my face fast and get to work” days are pretty boring but otherwise I think I’ve done good so far !



So today my lovely cousin came to say hi and asked if I could do her makeup. So here is the result photo and the products I used:

Every product is from @maccosmetics !

– ProLongwear Paintpot, Clear Water
– Aquadisiac, Steamy & Contrast eyeshadows
– Sourpuss Technakohl Liner (eyes)
– Take the Plunge Technakohl Liner (eyebrows)

– Cool Jazz Technakohl Liner
– Beautiful Moves, Mineralize Glass